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How do I pay you?
-Payment in cash before the actual session begins

Is the meeting in total confidence?
- Yes, all meetings happen in full confidence. There is no one else there during the session. Everything that happens with me and everything you tell me remains with me.

Do you use condoms on the dildoes?
- Yes, with all possible toys I use condoms on them. I do keep the best possible hygiene in all my practices. Sheets and towels are always clean and changed.

Can I take a shower at your place?
-Yes, you can take a shower at my place before and/or after the session. There is a selection of soaps with and without fragrances.

I'm in a wheelchair/disabled, do you meet with me?
-If your mobility is limited in a way that you cannot get up on stairs then I can possibly make a home visit. Do note that it's totally on you to tell me everything I need to know about your disability that affects the session/that I need to note. I do NOT have any education in the healthcare.

What are your workinghours?
-Usually I work from 12-21, but it is possible to ask for a lot earlier and later times too (8-12 & 21-23). I don't usually mention the possibility for later/earlier times, but if you ask about them well in advance they might be possible too.

Do you have a phonenumber, kik?
- I communicate almost totally only through email. If you need help for finding my place/think you're later/or so on, then I can give you my phonenumber or kik-name. In any other things I do not  take phonecalls or write longer times in kik.

You can always also just chitchat with me, this of course within the time limits of the session. I'll be happy to listen to you and talk to you then. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of my own time, I have to limit this only to sessions. I simply cannot be anyone's "pen pal" even if I feel a deeper connection with you. If you want to talk with me longer, then reserve more time for the session in advance and say that you want to talk with me.

I do not offer normal sex, normal intercource, no blowjobs either. You can lick me only through a dentaldam. No kissing. 

I don't do findom (moneyslave etc.).

Don't come to the session under the influence of alcohol/drugs. If I notice during the session that you're under the influence, the session will end right then and there.

No poppers.

Sessions with me always have a safeword in use, or then you can talk to me directly and I will listen to you and will take in account what you say. If you wish for a rough session without safeword then I am not the right Dom for you.

As a safeword I am usin "red". It ALWAYS means that the session ends fully and right at that moment.

Preparing for butt play sessions?

The less you want the session to include playing with your butt, the less you need to prepare for it (of course, always by default you have showered at least on the same day as the session). The most important rule is that the deeper into your butt you want things to go or the more violently, the more I hope you also do deeper washing/preparation.

If you are a first-timer/beginner, then it is usually enough that you have visited the toilet before the session and feel empty (you can check this with your finger). Usually, the worst mistake as a beginner is to try enema for the first time right before the session. The tension/nervousness and on top of that the fact that there is still water left in you can eventually lead to a rather messy result during the session. If necessary , I do prefer that instead you go to the bathroom in the middle of the session. I don't mind if some excrement comes out of you, it's a natural part of anal play. You don't have to be ashamed with me if that happens.

If you are already more experienced or you want to learn over time, then I recommend getting to know how to perform a deeper cleaning. Everyone's body works a little differently, so through trial and error you will learn how to get the combination that works best for you.

There is one way behind the link. I don't agree with everything, but it gives a good comprehensive basic package. Only in English and Swedish. I have not yet come across a good comprehensive text/guide in Finnish.

However, the most important thing is that you can come to me without feeling anxious about your cleanliness. Even if you are already experienced with buttplay, you can still get nervous and fear that your stomach will get upset. You are still perfectly welcome at my place.

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