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I have worked as a Dominatrix for over three years, before that I have had ten years of experience in domination in my private life. I am a professional Dom out of true passion towards it.

33-year-old Goddess from Uusimaa, Finland. My take on dominating is lighter than most. I don't remind the Dominatrixes in porn. I don't shout, I don't give orders in a strict tone, instead I prefer to guide you by touching and telling you what I want. I don't force you under my will, I expect that you submit to me out of your own will.

However, I also have a really strong sadistic side. I enjoy to hear how you whine, sigh and flinch during the session. I enjoy how your skin changes color and even a light touch starts to feel painful. 

My sadistic traits are counterbalanced by a really gentle, empathetic and affectionate side. I can pet you gently on your cheek, hug you, give you time to just breathe and enjoy the moment. You can laugh with me if you feel like it.

I myself am dominant in a quieter way during the session. I make noise when I'm satisfied. I laugh at your humiliation, sigh and moan, whisper in your ear.

I enjoy the feeling of power so strongly that with good luck you can experience how  without touching myself I get an orgasm while using you.

Lilith of the Valley/Goddess Lilith

What name do I want to be used? The simplest is to just call me "Goddess". However, I also accept other respectful ways of calling me, for example Misstress, Miss, Lady, Mother.  If you want to call me in a bit more familiar way, for example after a session, then Lilith or Lilja (Lily) is suitable.

However, I have carefully chosen the longer version of my name.

Lily of the valley is a delicate and wonderfully fragrant May flower. Fascinates and seduces many with its fragrance. Symbolizes purity, chastity, joy and humility. In some European countries, it is thought to cause visions of heaven and thus promote a brighter future. However, the flower also has its toxic, dangerous side, containing toxins that cause heart symptoms.

Lilith has taken on several different forms in the Middle East. In Mesopotamia, simply a female demon, in Hebrew it means "creature of the night" or "monster of the night", in one Mandaean story, Lilith represents a tree whose branches are demons. During the last hundred years, Lilith has appeared in Western popular culture as Lucifer's wife, as a witch, and also as a vampire.

Sessions with me can vary very much, I do offer a wide selection of different kinks. So I won't be presenting all of it. You are free to ask me anything you can think of. The only ones I don't offer at all are traditional intercourse, blowjobs and mucosal contact in general. I only offer face sitting so that there is always something in between, at least a dental dam.

No findom.

I don't offer any ready-made packages, all sessions are tailored just for you.

I'm particularly experienced in buttplay and I enjoy everything that leads to your penetration. Do you just want gentle fingering or deep fisting? Both extremes and everything in between are possible. If you want the handling of a Domina experienced in buttplay, then I am absolutely a good choice for you.

Inflicting pain is a really pleasant for me. Lighter handling with just using my hands or items like whips, nipple clamps, uncomfortable tying positions, needles and much more. Very mild pain experiences are possible and from there up to really severe pain.

Tying up with gentler ways or shibari style. You can only feel just a light touch of domination with a collar and blindfold or really restricted in a tight rope binding.

As a counterbalance to all this, I also enjoy ageplay/ABDL. Either as "sex" oriented or as purely innocent play. My premises do not allow for the acquisition of any actual equipment, but if you want a change of a diaper or playing with toys, I will be happy to make it happen. I also like to just hug and caress.

Instagram:  goddesslilith_ofthevalley
Fetlife: JumalatarLilith

Im adding content really rarely, at the moment you can find most pictures here on my pages.



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